Sunday, April 18, 2010

Asunder "A Clarion Call' CD

Five long years since their debut EP, Oakland, CA's cult doom act Asunder finally returns with their debut full length, A Clarion Call. A staggering progression from their early days, they deliver a trilogy of epic dirges. Bleak, grand, suffocating, and vast, the seeming contradictions only help serve to enhance the journey and depth of the mantra. Recorded with doomlord Billy Anderson with the expected 'thick and heavy as fuck' sound you can expect! An unusal blend of styles ranging from the classic late 80's/early 90's british scene, a healthy dose of Thergothon/Skepticism and a nod to earlier staples Pentagram / St. Vitus. A Clarion Call is a call back to the old timeless doom that came from those classic founders, while forging onward through the doomed present we will forver be stuck in. Featuring members of Dystopia, Skaven, and Weakling, expect cloudy visions of an epic and dismal new dawn.

Track Listing:
1) Twilight Amaranthine
2) Crown of Eyes
3) A Clarion Call

Release Date: August 2004
Catalog #: LIFE 031