Saturday, November 10, 2012

Koonda Holla - Two LPs Out Now!

KOONDA HOLAA is a one man band, brought to you by Kamil Kruta, a Mojave California desert rat who fattens up his diet of sun half of the year in Paris, France. His current sound has been branded mystic psychedelic western/noir amerikana but it may well be world music from a world that does not yet exist. The music sounds like musings of a man with three bullets left and long ways to go.

The songs are sagas of time spent living in cars and in self imposed exiles of his own pornographic past. "10 Acres Of The Finest Sand" his 4th release for Koonda Holaa, is actually another phase of his long musical career. Traveling the dusty trails with his own (now defunct) Pseudo Pseudo and paying his dues performing with the ResidentsExene Cervenka of the XLydia LunchSteve Mackay and Mike Watt - the sax and bass man behind IGGY POP & the StoogesUz Jsme Doma, Amps for Christ, and countless other projects that goes back to the mid 80'.

Not counting scars - he try's to find humour in a world rich on humans, but greedy with human touch. Life is Abuse is proud and honored to be working with Koonda Holaa on these two releases (10 Acres, originally released in 2009) and The Shitman LP (released in 2012). If you're like me, and find that your record collection has everyone from the Swans, to Bill Callahan / Smog, From Neurosis to the Mentors than you will most likely appreciate the music of Koonda Holaa....

Touring the West Coast now:

nov 7th Live on KFJC 89.7 FM Los Altos Hills, California
nov 8th Good Karma restaurant  San Jose, CA 95113
nov 9th The Kenton club Portland, OR
nov 10th -11th shooting video Mission/Canada
nov 12th The Mex n wow 4000 Vaissade rd Arcata, CA 9pm
nov 13th Day Off
nov 14th Dana St Coffee Roasting Co. 744 W. Dana St Mountain View, CA
nov 15th Bay View Boat club @ 9:30pm Sharp! 489 Terry A Francois blvd, San Francisco, CA
nov 16th Peralta Junction, Oakland Ca times etc TBA
nov 17th HM-157 @ 9PM 3110 N Broadway, Los Angeles, CA, 90031
nov 18th The Mondo Cinema Screening Room 729 Pine Ave Long Beach CA early show /  6 pm
nov 19th Pappy and Harriet Pioneertown CA early / 7 pm


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  1. What a brilliant Album.
    That's Music, that's Art, that's Magic!