Saturday, May 1, 2010

Ludicra "Hollow Psalms" 2xLP

Out now (Finally!) This record was originally supposed to coincide with Ludicra's "De-Cancellation" Tour last month, but much like the tour itself... things didn't go as planned. 2 days into said tour, Ludicra's lead guitarist John Cobbett found himself in an intolerable amount of pain and was rushed to the hospital in Olympia. Turns out he had been running around with appendicitis that a San Francisco hospital had “somehow” overlooked during his emergency room visit one week earlier! In turn, the band missed a number of shows while John had surgery, and were soon forced to carry on as a 4 piece in order to recoup money lost by show cancellations and impending medical bills. Luckily John has recovered for the time being and was able to meet up with the band on the East Coast to finish the tour. However, he has yet another surgery awaiting him when he gets home, and with no insurance, is about to acquire an enormous amount of debt. Wolves in the Throne Room have set up a donation fund which you can contribute to here. You can also donate thru Profound Lore who have released Ludicra’s brand new CD “The Tenant”, their 4th Full length which comes highly recommended from us!

As for this album…

2xLP mastered at 45rpm. Edition of 500 pcs on Clear vinyl, packaged in a hand bound gatefold booklet with a super thick silkscreened cover printed in-house at Monolith Press. Originally released on CD by Life is Abuse in 2002… finally pressed on vinyl 8 years later. Bout fucking time, but we needed to do it right. Thanks for your patience.


  1. Got mine yesterday. Holly crap, it's beautiful! Great job on the packaging. And thanks for the TH CD!

  2. Just received my copy, the packaging is amazing. I can't believe this was only $25 shipped.

  3. Just got mine today. The layout and packaging is fantastic. Obviously the album itself is bad-ass- and i love the fact the records themselves are 45s.