Friday, May 13, 2011

Kicker "Bobsaw" 7" EP

Kicker is a new band from Oakland / Alameda featuring a bunch of old wankers playing punk rock like it used to be played when we were kids. The group is fronted by UK transplant Pete the Roadie, who’s spent the last three decades working his ass off with the likes of Subhumans, Amebix, Neurosis and Voivod. Although this is his first band, he’s been screaming forever… three decades kicking your ass off the stage and screaming at people to get outta the way.

Pete is backed by Toby Bitter on drums (Filth, Submachine, etc), Dave Ed on bass (Neurosis, Jesus Fucking Christ, etc) and Mauz (er me) on guitar.. Dystopia, Medication Time, etc)

This is the 3rd Kicker single released this year. The first two were recently pressed by our friends at Tankcrimes and Inimical records. Bobsaw is our tribute to Joy Division, as well as the bi-annual BOB Fest, held in Bremen Germany, Oakland, CA and Bath England. The B-Side contains the local pub hit, Lager and Chips. EP comes packaged in a silkscreened cover with artwork from Alan Forbes. Limited to 300 pcs, black vinyl only.

Be on the lookout in October 2011 for Kicker’s debut LP coming out on Tankcrimes. These 12 songs were recently tracked at Bart Thurber’s House of Faith in Oakland. Video below shot by Mike Sutfin. Splash photo by Kenneth Thomas.

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